More Than You Wanted to Know (but not TMI)

gReg studied piano privately through high school with Joseph Rosenthal (San Antonio), Andrew Mihalso (Trinity University), and John Moore (St Mary’s University). He also played tuba and bass guitar in band. In college at Rice University (BSEE) and graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University (MSEE, PhD) he continued to play all three, but they took a back seat to getting papers that said he knew how to learn. Once he entered the work force, he rarely played. After a career (Hard Disk Drive Recording and High-Speed Ethernet on Copper) in which he generated 14 patents, he left Broadcom Corporation to refocus on music in 2017. Since then, he has studied with Leslie Ann Leddy (2017) and with Jennifer Hayghe (since May 2018, CU Music Department). In August 2018 he started learning guitar and ukulele. UltraVioletIdea began September 2019 in Boulder, CO.

gReg playing tuba with the Rice MOB
by Eric Rosen
gReg playing bass at St. Mary's Hall, San Antonio
by Laura Orth


Musical Influences