What is it?

UltraVioletIdeaText is your favorite nerd sharing a compelling musical story through soundscapes; it was born in late 2019 and is gReg Silvus.


In 2017 gReg pulled the plug on his electrical engineering career to refocus on music. He plays many instruments and composes on commission for any occasion, but prefers the challenge of spontaneously composing piano music.

Yamaha Piano Ibanez Bass Guitar

gReg plays with other musicians around town, including piano with WooBaSi. He teaches piano and composition, and he composes on commission. Ask him a question about MIDI and he may write some software that solves your problem.

Guild Guitar Yamaha Piano with Jelly Beans

His favorite colors are violet, blue, and green. He loves high-quality peppermint patties.

If you really need to know…more.

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